Jeroen de Hoop
Teacher of video analysis CIOS Arnhem,
profile football coordinator CIOS Arnhem,
KNVB teacher level 4 and qualified
KNVB teacher of video analyst B.

Since 2017 we have been using Nacsport in combination with KlipDraw and Tag&View for the optional part Video Analysis.

Within the optional part, we train students to be able to work as a video analyst in various team sports at all levels. They do an internship at football clubs such as VVV, NEC, Vitesse, FC Utrecht, Go Ahead Eagels, De Graafschap, FC Twente, Sparta Rotterdam and so on. Many of the students are given the opportunity to work there as a video analyst even after their internship.

Nacsport lays a very good foundation for every student. They learn to film competitions, create code windows, tagg competitions, edit images, create dashboards, create presentations and present them.

In particular working with dashboards and making presentations in combination with KlipDraw sets Nacsport apart from other programs. In addition, it is also nice that it is an offline program, so that WiFi is not necessary, for example to be able to code live at matches.

Nacsport in combination with Tag&View, a camera and a tie clip microphone are important tools for me to teach students how to watch football and in the debriefing of practical meetings for the UEFA C and UEFA B. It is used as a video feedback tool, where trainers in training based on the structure of football to learn how to look at training sessions and then code them. It is invaluable for the students to be able to look at their own and each other’s actions by means of video and audio feedback.

The support of the CaJa Sport Software team is experienced as very pleasant. They are always there for you and train you as soon as there are new developments within Nacsport.

A must for every trainer-coach, video analyst and practical teacher who want to keep up with the times!