Jaïr Levie
Technical manager HC Cartouche
/ assistant HCKZ ladies 1.

Since 2013-2014 I’m working with Nacsport where I first started with the Basic Plus version and later upgraded to the Elite version. The great thing about working with Nacsport is that you can work relatively easily with descriptors, show heat maps, create different panels and set up customized dashboards.  The integration with KlipDraw as a drawing tool is also a nice added value if you want to explain certain situations even better with your team. Just like you can choose to record audio for specific video clips and send them directly to team members.

Via the online sharing system (Sharimg.com) you can easily upload entire matrices to the server so that the players can immediately view all tagged moments, without exporting separate clips. This works ideally and contributes to the fact that players can review (and discuss with each other) a lot of information in an instant moment.

As there are always little things with software that do not work as they should (I think this is inevitable), it is so nice that the guys from CaJa Sport Software (Nacsport) are always there for support. They are involved and think along with you. For me, working with Nacsport has contributed enormously to further professionalizing the video analysis skills for myself, my teams, and the clubs where I have worked.