CaJa Sport Software offers trainers, coaches, analysts, clubs, federations, and referees the possibility to make an analysis in an easy and comfortable way with the software from Nacsport Video Analysis.

Software which is reachable for everybody. The software from Nacsport is used in top level as well as in grassroots level.

We also offer the possibility to purchase trainings from the software, online or at your location.

CaJa Sport Software has more possibilities to make your analysis and also to share these analysis. To share your analysis we have Sharimg. You make your analysis with one of the products from Nacsport and share them online with other staff members or players. Very easy and very effective.

In 2004, Carlo Daniels and Jan Willem Neuberg, founded CaJa Sport Software. Through our collaboration with Nacsport Video Analysis Software, we started in Holland. At the moment we are also the official resellers in Belgium and Germany and we are also active in some other countries, such as Finland, Scotland (only field hockey) and Austria/Switzerland.