As assistant coach of RKC Waalwijk Sander Duits is one of the coaches who makes use a lot of the video analysis software Nacsport which is delivered by CaJa Sport Software.  Also he is the head coach of the second team of RKC. In this way the ex-professional soccer player is doing a lot making video analysis preparing the coming game.  With the goal to make visible the dream scenario.



Duits works with Nacsport since the start of the season and explains: “They help clubs with the software to make presentations and individual development easier. Also it makes the contact between staff and players easy. We can easily communicate what went well and what we have to improve. Therefore you also have an easy app, Sharimg, where you can put video online for team or individual purpose. So Nacsport in combination with Sharimg eventually is very important for the development of your team”.



Especially the work method makes the assistant coach happy. During the games I already tag live with the iPad app Tag&View. There you can tag moments of the game, if this is an attacking or defensive moment or turnover. You can link the names of the players. That makes it a lot easier after the game because manually this is not doable. Otherwise you have to watch the whole game afterwards and this saves a lot of time.  And you can show well what are the positive points and the points to improve.



Also the work of each coach is clear: “I am in the stands with the iPad tagging with Tag&View.  Our other assistant, Erwin van Breugel, gets all the tags I send him. From those moments he takes the most important ones and makes a presentation. From all the other moments the goalie trainer Serge van de Ban and me are doing the individual analysis with we see afterwards with the players.



Nacsport also offers the possibility to edit all the tags. Especially with the drawing tool KlipDraw is of great value for an efficient way of working. With KlipDraw you can do anything! With arrows you can tell how players should run. Or where he should have been. You can make circles around them or insert text. Simply said, you can do anything you have in mind, without explaining.


It is also the purpose that by the visual aspect, players quicker get the message. On the moment you explain them with KlipDraw what you have in mind, I assume they will understand.  And if they still have questions, we sit with them afterwards. But I think that if they have seen it themselves, they already get the big picture.


With the work as assistant coach the drawing tool KlipDraw is essential. But the players love especially the new tool Sharimg. This makes it possible for them to watch the video at any time at home. The experience is that the players found Sharimg very easy. When you are at home and have a moment nothing to do, and you want to see some video, in a few clicks they can see the video. It is a big advantage that they can see it back when they want and how many times.


First you have the team meeting afterwards, but in the past that came with a lot of video. That still happens, but not in overload. Now we show them what is relevant for the whole team and the rest they can see at home.


“Finally Duits thinks it’s not more than normal that players make fully use of the video. It’s only a bit of time but a big investment. You now have all the data to see how the opponent plays and how your own team is functioning.  To see what went well and what has to be improved.  I think that it’s necessary for you as a professional soccer player and you would be crazy not to do it. It helps you to be better prepared and gives you the possibility to play a better game, says the assistant coach Duits”.